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Understanding Suicide

Suicide pervades every aspect of our rapidly changing society. We have deliberately tried to give you some clear understanding of the causes of suicide especially in young people, and the early warning signs to look for.
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Yellow Ribbon Northern Ireland Branch came into existence over one year ago as a result of and a reaction to the growing demand for a constructive positive, supportive empathic and nonjudgmental response to teenage suicides and self harm mostly among adolescents and in younger adults in our Community. It was a salient issue which required a sensitive but innovative psychological response, at voluntary level and which would be seen to be efficient, transparent, accountable and one which ultimately will save young people lives and those of older adults in the wider Craigavon Community and across the province. Yellow Ribbon is inclusive of all ethnic groups living in our Community and extends their emotional support to all migrants. Yellow Ribbon's headquarters are in USA in Colorado and are one of the top leading Suicide Prevention Programs in USA with many branches in other countries including Europe and UK.

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